K.B. model BR30T

Shown here is the model BR30T from about 1947. The circuit is a 4 valve plus rectifier superhet, with no remarkable features. The notable attribute of this set is the cabinet. The picture taken from a little above the cabinet (below centre) illustrates the fact that the cabinet is not a single plane at the front, but in fact recedes away from a central point of the frontage. There in that central panel, all by itself is the magic eye for the receiver. KB have mounted the magic eye in a bakelite moulding that is formed exactly in the shape of an eye. More often than not, people visiting the collection will say that this receiver appears to be "looking" at them with the tuning indicator. Never was the phrase Magic "Eye" more appropriate! It's even more pronounced in the dark, with green phosphor eerily glowing from the centre front of the cabinet like a Cyclops. The only other radio that makes such a feature of its tuning indicator is the Ekco AC97, (normally manufacturers generally place the tuning indicator somewhere behind the tuning scale glass). 

Well I don't know if the cabinet with its "watching eye" put buyers off, but I have never seen another one of these, so presume them to be pretty rare. Valve line-up is 6K8G, 6K7G, 6Q7G, 6V6G, 5Z4G, Y63. 

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