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About The Classicwireless Collection:

In 1982 about 30 receivers plus ephemera were lent to the local council who staged an exhibition lasting six months in a nearby museum.  A small accompanying booklet was produced and various local press articles followed.  A couple of spots were recorded for broadcast on radio stations like BBC Radio London, Independent Chiltern Radio and the BBC World Service. (Though the last was never broadcast due to International Events). 

In 2002 radios from the site were featured in an article in the Sunday Times, which described how modern technology could assist in wireless restoration. 

In 2005 advice was provided to a local council museum which staged a six month exhibition on the history of Murphy Radio, as well as loaning some exhibits for display.

In 2006 examples from the collection and a (favourable!) review of this site appeared in the monthly antiques magazine "Antiques And Collectables", (also for a while known as "Whats It Worth").

In 2006 several receivers were lent to a local council museum as part of a major display of receivers to mark a reunion of Murphy employees.

In 2008 a couple of dozen receivers were lent for a display at a branch meeting of the Morris Minor Owners Club.

In 2010 several receivers were lent for a display at the National Vintage Communications Fair.

This site joined the British Vintage Wireless Society in 1979, and has remained a continuous member ever since, having contributed a number of articles for publication. This site is a strong supporter of the British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum in Dulwich.  This site also supports the British Heritage Television Group, and took part in 405 line test radiation trials conducted in 2011.

I am still interested in acquiring further original examples to improve the collection.


If you spot any mistakes on the site, please let me know.  Likewise if you have any comments I welcome feedback.  Send email to   Please put a relevant header in the subject line (e.g. vintage radio) or your email may be lost amongst junk mail and spam.  Replies can take up to a week or two, though are usually quicker.

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