Latest Updates Page - Latest Change - February 2022

This page will list updates that occur on the site, so you will know what is new each time you visit.  Still more radios and features to appear. Keep checking back regularly.

February 18th 2022         Larger images introduced to all other pages

August 31st 2012            Larger images introduced on all Murphy pages

August 26th 2007            Twenty new Murphy's pictured and described.  Mostly 1930s models  (Courtesy BVWTM)

August 8th 2005              New section on valves, 20 pages, 100+ images loaded, menu here  

March 15th 2003:            Initial site launch, courtesy emails to links page sites 

                                       ***First site phase upload complete - approx 175 pages, 750 images.***

February 16th 2003:        Upload complete of Other Manufacturers A-J, K-Z, All Murphy main menus, Other menus,

January 26th 2003:          Upload of Other Manufacturers Ferguson to Pye

December 15th 2002:      Upload of Other Manufacturers Ekco and Etronic

November 21st 2002:     Upload of Other Manufacturers British & Overseas Radiovision to D.E.R inclusive

November 20th 2002:     Upload of new buttons Wireless A-J and Wireless K-Z

October 30th 2002:        Upload of Murphy years 1950 to WGC Now pages

October 20th 2002:        Upload of Murphy years 1930 to 1950 inclusive    

September 30th 2002:    Initial Upload Of Global Menus and Caretaker Pages

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