Pictured above is a large bakelite radio branded "Windsor".  This cabinet contains an unremarkable chassis, typical of a 4 valve plus rectifier configuration commonly seen just after WWII.  The cabinet is plain black case, it is the shape which is somewhat unusual.  This is clear when looking at a side view of the radio as pictured above right.  A common location for the family radio would be on a table or sideboard, so I cannot really see why the manufacturer would have thought it helpful to have the sound output directed downwards, but that is what happens due to the shape of this cabinet.  The tuning scale is multicoloured for the three wavebands and is easy to read.  The speaker mesh is a large expanse of expanded aluminium also incorporating the crease of the widest width of the cabinet.  The tuning knob on the set pictured above is black, but although not common I have seen one or two other examples of this set - and they have been white in the other cases so I suspect the tuning knob on this one is a replacement.  One thing all the other examples have in common, and also found to be the evident on this one, is that the plastic the surround of the tuning scale is deforming and decaying.  Evidently a rather unstable plastic compound, but unsurprising as it was a new development just post war (and of course not expected to last into the next century).  Valve line-up is the common Mazda series: TH41, VP41, HL41DD, PEN45, UU6.

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