Barker Radio Model 88

The “Trader” service sheet for this model advises that the Barker 88 is a “stores” receiver, an own-brand type product that might be sold at a marginally cheaper price than comparative models from the big manufacturing names. Barker seem to like the model number 88, as it is the only receiver from Barker that turns up frequently, but there are in fact several versions about. The model shown is a post-war version, about 1947 say, but the model first appeared before the war in 1938. Back then it was very keenly priced at £6.19.6, although I don’t have a post-war price. The pre-war version is in a different cabinet to the post-war version. However the post-war versions can vary too, for example some have square speaker frets as opposed to the round one seen on the model pictured. Despite its keen price it is quite a well-specified set. Particularly notable is the fact that the receiver employs a push-pull output stage. This is virtually never seen on anything but top-of-the-range receivers, and then generally only in console versions. Also included is a tuning indicator. The “Trader” service sheet lists the valves used as those in the “6” series (eg 6R7G, 6U7G etc), but notes that Marconi/Osram valves are also fitted on occasion (the “63” series, eg DL63, KTW63, L63 etc). However in my receiver Mullard valves are mostly used, valve line-up being ECC34, 6H6G, EF39, ECH35, GZ30, Y63, KT61 x 2 (push-pull o/p). This receiver is one of the few receivers to have the tuning scale and control knobs on the left, the only other manufacturer that regularly employed this configuration was Etronic.

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