Ultra U405

Shown first is the Ultra U405. On the next page is the Ultra T401, and many people assume that the T401 is the older of the two receivers, since the T401 cabinet is similar but larger, and the model number is the lower number. That is not the case though, as the U405 was introduced in 1945, a year before the T401. The set is a 4 valve plus rectifier receiver that operated on either AC or DC mains. When operated on AC a half-wave rectifier provides HT current, and when the receiver is operated on DC the heater of the rectifier behaves as a low resistance. Reception is provided on MW and LW only, and in 1945 the receiver cost 15.13.0. The cabinet is made from mottled brown bakelite, with the speaker grille being a white plastic insert. The control knobs are also white to give an updated look to the traditional brown bakelite. Valve line-up is X71M, KTW74M, DL74M, KT74, U74. These valves all have International Octal bases and are designed for "Universal" operation with 13v heaters, excepting the 30v heater of the rectifier. 

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