Philips 170A

Shown on this page is the Philips 170A from 1946. This receiver is presented in a large bakelite cabinet, that is often described as being of the "theatre" style. These sets are actually quite common, but are nonetheless collectable. The performance is very good, and I have owned the example shown for about 20 years without problem. It is still working fine without any capacitor replacement, and as I recollect the only thing I had to do to get the receiver working was to change the AZ31 rectifier. The chassis is helpful from a service point of view in that in can be stood on its end without further support. Valve line-up is EF39, ECH35, EF39, EBL31, AZ31, EM34. 

This chassis was also available in a version by Mullard that was presented in a veneered wooden cabinet, designated Mullard model number MAS281. I have one of these receivers too but did not include it on the Mullard page. (In due course I will get some pictures for comparison, check back later in 2003). The Philips version was priced at 21.17.5 whereas the Mullard version was more expensive at 22.19.3, so an extra pound or so for the luxury of the veneered wood cabinet. The bakelite set sounds good though as the loudspeaker is mounted on a substantial piece of plywood that runs the length of the cabinet.

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