Murphy Radio Model B69 From 1939

At the base of the 1939 Murphy table model range is the Battery receiver B69 shown above, which cost just one tenth of the price of the console radiogram model A78RG described later on. This battery receiver is housed in a cabinet similar to that of the lowest of the mains receiver range for 1939, the A70. However the B69 cabinet is slightly smaller and does not incorporate the cut-out at the base seen on the A70 where the optional pushbutton unit or remote control would be located. At this time Murphy were providing tuning scales with black background and white text for the majority of receivers, however in the B69 the reverse is present as the scale markings are in black against a white background (see picture below right). This is because the scale is not backlit. A half-height card back was provided for the lower half of the receiver (pictured below left) to protect the valves and chassis, the accumulator and H.T. battery was situated in the top half of the cabinet. To enable battery valves to be easily distinguished from mains valves the metallising (if provided) on Mazda valves was green. Valve line-up is TP25, VP23, HL23DD, PEN25.

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