Murphy Radio Model A70 From 1939

1939 saw the introduction of four new table receivers. None of them featured pushbuttons as standard, but all of them could have a pushbutton unit fitted, and the cabinets were all designed to look pleasing irrespective of whether the pushbutton unit is present or not. The pushbutton unit cost 1.15.0 extra, and plugged into a Octal socket positioned underneath each set, a photo from the underside of the A70 receiver is shown right. This particular receiver never had a pushbutton unit fitted, so the socket is covered by a piece of wax card (arrowed in picture below) stapled to the cabinet underside. The Octal socket on the chassis underside is also shown. Also available was a remote control unit, whereby the user could make use of the pushbutton unit to change stations and alter the volume from his armchair. The remote control was an expensive luxury at 3.10.0. Similar to the 1938 season, the set at the bottom of the range had a conventional cursor travelling on a glass tuning scale. This set was designated the A70, and the chief difference between it and the next set up the range, the A72, was that the latter featured the alphabetical tuning drum.

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