Murphy Radio Model B581 From 1951, James Reeve

The photograph here shows the radio model B581 held by James Reeve, the gentleman who designed the cabinet for this receiver. It hardly needs to be mentioned how pleasing the cabinet is, the radio is a small pocket model, and the cabinet is simple and efficient yet still very good looking. A similar style of cabinet was used for many years by quite a few manufacturers, precisely because it is effective and easy in use. Notable is the hinged chromium arm at the rear of the cabinet, which can be pulled out so that the radio will stand at an angle on any suitable surface for prolonged use. (See image previous page). In point of fact the small size and output of the radio hardly justifies such a feature, as one of its main marketing points is reception whilst on the move. However the radio lends itself to the incorporation of the feature easily though, and a transistor radio (as opposed to "old fashioned" valves) was still an aspirational possession in the early 1960s, so its incorporation demonstrates an attention to detail and a desire to add value and usefulness. The model shown is the grey/green version, though it was also available in a blue plastic case.

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