Murphy Radio Model A242 From 1954

1955 was the first year of VHF FM broadcasting, and Murphy rose to the challenge of producing quality receivers to exploit the improved sound quality available from the new transmission standard. After a couple of years of producing fairly uninspiring sets the new models for 1955 brought an emphasis on design and quality back to the company. The A242 shown above was quite expensive costing nearly 37 including pt, but the set was bigger than its equivalent A212 from the previous year and the FM reproduction was very good. The A242 makes use of gold decoration to the cabinet, e.g. on the inserts to the knobs and on the tuning scale. The use of gold had suddenly become rather popular in 1954 and 1955, and several manufacturers used it on their receivers. Murphy also brought back the magic eye again, and together with the extra two valves required for VHF this meant the A242 had some nine valves (including rectifier and tuning indicator). From a servicing point of view this chassis was excellent, as the metal loops at either end of the chassis allow the chassis to be stood upside down thereby allowing easy access to the components underneath. Valve line-up is 6L34, EC92, 6C9, 6F15, 6D2, 6LD3, 6P1, 6M2, UU9.

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