Ferranti Continued, Model 148

Finally in the Ferranti section we have the model 148 from 1948. Possibly some readers might have thought the last Ferranti featured on this site would be the popular 146. This set featured a four valve plus rectifier chassis mounted in a black bakelite cabinet with white front. There's certainly plenty of them around (indeed I have or had one at one time myself) but I struggle to see any interest in them. Now the 148 shown left is much rarer, even though it is two years younger. The bakelite is particularly thick in this cabinet, though it is not obvious why that might be as there seems to be no special strains imposed by the shape or chassis. The cabinet was designed by Christopher Nicholson, and the front of the set is a kind of crackle finish paint on metal, affixed to the bakelite cabinet by screws from the inside. The paint is lifting slightly in one or two places, but I cannot think of anything on the market to re-touch it with. It was quite an expensive receiver in 1948 costing more that 27. Valve line up is 6K8G, 6K7G, 6Q7G, 6V6G, 5Z4G.

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