Beethoven Radio Model U3138

Shown above is the Beethoven U3138 from 1947. To be honest Iím not sure that is the correct model number, as there is no model number marked on the receiver. This receiver is a 4 valve plus rectifier set that looks to be AC mains only whereas service data indicates U3138 to be a 3 valve plus rectifier universal receiver. Presuming model U3138 is different it obviously used the same cabinet as my example shown. The cabinet is really rather good-looking, shown in the very blond veneered wood. Particularly attractive is the tuning dial, where the wavebands are shown as music staves. Treble and bass clefs are included, with the stations being indicated by crotchet and quaver notes on the staves. The dial glass background is largely a pale cream to complement the blond veneer wood, and unusually the knobs are white instead of the more usual brown or black. This receiver was probably one of the most visually pleasing receivers available just after the end of WW II. The chassis inside the set is pretty much a standard superhet though, and looks to have been built by Plessey for Beethoven. Particularly useful from a servicemanís point of view are the metal supports at either end of the chassis that enable the underside of the receiver to be worked on without the need to find workbench support. This receiver was supplied with Tungsram valves, and they all look to be original except the EF39 (which was replaced recently). Pretty much all the other components on the chassis are original too. The Beethoven Company was actually in right at the start of wireless manufacture, commencing production at Park Royal, London NW10 in 1925. However in spite of having a head start on some of the big names like Ekco and Murphy, Beethoven never did become a serious player in UK radio manufacture, and their receivers are not too common now.

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