British And Overseas Radiovision Receiver

Ironically, here near the start of the “Other Manufacturers” section of the site we find a receiver and maker I know virtually nothing about. The stations on the tuning scale suggest this receiver would have been made in about 1947. The only label on the set indicates that it was made by British And Overseas Radiovision Limited, London, England. I suspect this may be a marketing name used for own brand receivers from an electrical retailing chain, perhaps Comet or similar. It could also be a set built for the rental market, but without a brand to indicate that the owner was renting (for appearances sake maybe) The original card back is with the set, but provides no makers information, (though is printed with the usual mains supply warnings etc). Valve line up is 6K8G, 6K7G, 6Q7G, 6V6G, 5Z4G. The set also has the plastic post office license plate. It is actually quite pleasing to look at, with three horizontal bars protecting the speaker cloth, and a large clear multi-colour tuning scale. Although the central front section of the cabinet appears to be a different darker veneer, closer inspection reveals that in fact what the cabinetmaker has done is simply stained the inner section a darker colour. However the left and right vertical pale borders are inlaid with the light wood used elsewhere laid in the opposite direction, thereby giving the impression that different inlays have been used for the darker central section. The set measures 21” x 10” x 9”. I’ve never seen another one. 

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