Murphy Radio Further Reading 

For more information on the early days of Murphy Radio, particularly concerning Frank Murphy’s involvement, a book published by Frank Murphy’s daughter is recommended.  “A First Class Job” is written and published by Joan Long.  With some 200 pages, and costing about £8 it is excellent value, and includes many period advertisements and pictures.  The book also describes the business Frank Murphy went on to form after he resigned from Murphy Radio. ISBN 0 9511208 0 8. 

For a general history of Murphy Radio the book “The Setmakers” is recommended. “The Setmakers” is not limited only to Murphy, but covers every major U.K. manufacturer of radio or television until the 1980’s.  Many pictures and advertisements of manufacturing plants as well as receivers are featured, from companies including Bush, Cossor, Ekco, Marconi, Mullard, Philips, Ultra and many more.  About 460 pages.  Written By Keith Geddes and Gordon Bussey, published by BREMA under ISBN 0 9517042 0 6. 

Many articles concerning Murphy Radio have appeared in the Bulletin of the British Vintage Wireless Society (BVWS), and as Murphy is a popular manufacturer for collectors more articles are likely to appear in the future.  The BVWS produces a CDROM of the first 20 years of the Bulletin, back numbers of more recent Bulletins are generally still available.  Website is at

The other major reference for Murphy Radio is the internet site run by Dave Grant.  Already recommended elsewhere on this site it includes sales leaflets and circuit diagrams. Website is at

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