Sobell 615

Sobell started radio production immediately following the cessation of hostilities in WWII. The company was actually operating before the war selling a small number of receivers under the Sparton brand name, but the conflict gave the opportunity for the company to really make headway in the domestic market after ceasefire due to the shortage of receivers at that time. 

The model 615 was one of the first receivers available after the war, and as mentioned lack of choice and continuing shortages meant that a family with no operative receiver often would buy whatever was offered. The model 615 certainly looked as though it offered good value for money as the cabinet is massive. In fact by marketing the receiver so shortly after the war Sobell had not had time to realise that the days of enormous radios looking like household furniture and forming the sole source of family entertainment had passed. In offering a 5 valve plus rectifier chassis the receiver is fairly well specified, but even with that relatively large chassis it still looks dwarfed inside the cabinet. Really the cabinet isn't that "bright new future" forward-looking anyway. The two extrusions at either end of the cabinet are completely extraneous, and as for the birdseye maple panel at the front of the receiver - well - birdseye maple really is rather 1930's! Valve line-up is 6K8G, 6K7G, 6K7G, 6Q7G, 6V6G, 5Z4G and cost 19.19.0 +pt.

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