Radio Rentals 58

Most Radio Rentals sets were only available in bakelite cabinets (I did once have two Radio Rentals sets made by Cossor in a cabinets very similar to Cossor model 71, but without the Cossor brand embossed in the bakelite tuning surround. I bought them from a surplus wholesaler in Kingston, who had about a dozen, all with their valves removed). The model 58 pictured below was manufactured in about 1946. As Radio Rentals were undertaking all the servicing for their customers, everything was done to make repair as quick and cost effective as possible. Therefore on this set it can be noted that there is no card back unlike most sets, but only a paxolin board fixed to the rear of the chassis. The whole unit is simply withdrawn from the rear of the cabinet having first undone two knurled screws. There is no need to remove any of the control knobs from the front of the set, as the cabinet is moulded such that the knobs will pass out through large holes, thereby saving the repairman's time further. Valve line-up is ECH35, EF39, EBC33, EL33, AZ31. 

Radio Rentals ceased the rental of radio receivers in 1965 to concentrate on television rental. In the 1950's Radio Rentals offered some of their receivers for direct purchase as well as rental, capitalising on the fact that they could stress the reliability of the receivers (as it would affect their own company profit margin if they weren't reliable). The outright sale receivers were identical to rental versions. A plastic strip between two rivets on the chassis of the receiver indicated that the set was a purchase model. If the set was for rental the "purchase model" plastic strip could be broken off to reveal a "for rental only" strip beneath it. This system is evident in purchase model 226, though I have not uploaded a picture to this site at this time. Several other companies also hired radios to the public, notably Rentertainments and Direct Electrical Rentals (D.E.R). A radio from D.E.R. from the early 50's can be seen here.

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