Philco A537

Shown here is the Philco model A537. This too was an upmarket version of a later model of the "Peoples Set" which came in a bakelite cabinet sold as model V537. There was no need now to use the special valve PENDD61, as Philco were now accepted as a wireless manufacturer in the U.K. following a further twist of a patent swapping deal. Therefore the valves in this receiver consist solely of the UX type base. (The fact that the special valve PENDD61 was required for such a short while and for only one manufacturer accounts for its rarity now - particularly as the bakelite "Peoples Set" has subsequently become such a desirable classic anyway). 

The A537 radio is quite attractive in its upright cabinet, incorporating stained panels to suggest that more veneer inlays are present than actually exist. This can be noted especially around the volume control (pictured above left), where usage over the years has caused the top level of stain to be worn away. A particularly bright and colourful circular tuning scale is provided (see left), with dual speed tuning. The plating on Philco chassis's was notoriously thin, and it can be seen that the chassis shown has succumbed to rust quite badly. Valve line-up was 6A7E, 78E, 75, 42E, 80.



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