Pictured on this page is the Pegasus "Table Model". Somewhat confusingly Pegasus designated most of their radios "Table Model" rather than allocate model numbers that changed as each new set was introduced. Pegasus was a small manufacturer based in Lower Wortley, Leeds. Although they produced good quality receivers for the middle market, they never gained a serious foothold in the radio manufacture industry and had ceased trading by the late 1930's, hence their sets are very rare today. 

The model shown was made in 1935, and like most Pegasus receivers utilises a valve range from Tungsram in a 4 valve plus rectifier configuration. The cabinet is veneered walnut, the front of which rather unusually slopes backwards. Two large chrome plated rings (seen below) encircle the loudspeaker and aeroplane-type tuning scale. 

Unusually the speaker cloth features a coloured pattern woven into the cloth (shown above right), something that few other manufacturers incorporated. The chassis is mounted high up in the cabinet, with the speaker beneath. The tone control features an arrow that appears in the tuning window (see above left), and a static suppressor knob is also included. Pegasus is notable as the only manufacturer to spray their chassis a copper colour as protection from rust etc. Most manufacturers either plated their chassis or painted them either blue or grey (though Lotus chose black). In fact Pegasus have taken the copper paint to extremes, also painting the coil cans and mains transformers too! As can be seen this receiver has yet to be restored, but fortunately is very original and even still retains the paper block electrolytics. 

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