Murphy Radio Model U502 From 1959

Pictured above is the U502 receiver. This set is notable as it is the first Murphy receiver designed only for VHF reception. Another set in a similar cabinet that received only MW was also available, and was designated U504. The bakelite cabinet shown is a brick red, and reference to the photograph shows that it envelopes the entire chassis in one piece. The chassis is mounted on the white front panel that slips into the red bakelite case. A single screw through the rear of the cabinet pulls the white front into the cabinet and holds it in place. Valve line–up is 10L14, 10F18, 10F18, 10D2, 10PL12, U381.  Also notable in 1959 was the release of the first transistor radio from Murphy, the model B385. It was updated to B485 in 1961 but retained the same circuit and a similar cabinet, the B485 may be found on the Murphy 1961 page. At the top of the range in 1950 was the A574. The equivalent set manufactured in the Murphy Dublin works, model TA394L, is shown on the Murphy Irish page.

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