Murphy Radio Model TA92 & TU92 From 1947

The TA92 and TU92 receivers pictured below were essentially the same, with differing power input arrangements. It can be noted that a mains transformer with rectifier valve mounted above is fitted to the TA92, (to the right of the chassis - rectifier valve currently missing from the photo for some reason!) whereas in the TU92 a dropper together with rectifier valve is fitted in the position of the mains transformer in the AC only set. There are other minor differences between the two sets, for instance notice the tuning scale back plate. On medium wave this set uses only four valves, however if one of the shortwave bands is selected an SP41 R.F. Pentode amplifier is introduced into the circuit before the TH41 frequency changer (SP181 before TH233 in TU92). The line drawings seen at the bottom of each page in this section of this website are all taken from a booklet produced by Murphy as a reference for dealers when setting part-exchange values, and the AC and AC/DC versions of the ‘92 receivers are the only sets to be individually listed and pictured. I don’t know the significance of this, perhaps it was just an oversight, but if you have any ideas email me at the contact address.  
The leading T in TA92 and TU92 generally denotes a “Tropicalised” model, designed for the export market in the Murphy range. Both my TA92 and TU92 have a tuning glass marked with Indian station names for the medium wave band, which would seem to confirm this. I have also noted examples of the TA/TU 92 in other collections also with the tuning scale marked with Indian stations. I can only conclude that whilst built for export to India, a significant number remained in England. The next “Shortwave Special” receiver built for the U.K. market was the A128 introduced a year later in 1948, so maybe these export models were marketed to U.K. customers requiring high quality shortwave but who were not prepared to wait for the introduction of the A128 the following year, which is why they are mentioned in the booklet produced by Murphy for UK dealers. Valve line up for TA92: SP41, TH41, VP41, HL41DD, PEN45, UU6. Valve line-up for TU92: SP181, TH233, VP133, HL1333DD, PEN383, U403.

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