Murphy Radio Model SAD94L From 1945

With the war drawing to a close, few new sets were available as yet. Murphy only produced updated versions of earlier receivers. The A98 was similar to the A96 from 1943, but now included long waves. It was supplied in the same bakelite cabinet. The AD94 from 1940 also appeared again, as models SAD94S with medium and short waves, or SAD94L with medium and long waves. Again the same bakelite cabinet designed by Eden Minns for the 1940 receiver was used. That cabinet is particularly striking though with its prominent ridges on the top, and is now considered very collectable. Shown here is the model SAD94L, together with above and under (pictured below) chassis views.

Very often the "94" series of radios turn up with the cardboard back missing. This is because the four screws that hold the cover in place screw directly into bakelite, with no metal inserts in the bakelite. Over time and use the bakelite threads wear far quicker than the metal screws, with the result that the screws do not stay in position, hence the back gets lost as it is not affixed. Another point to watch out for is the tuning scale. This is printed onto a separate glass panel behind the clear glass pane at the front of the cabinet. If the rear printed panel deteriorates (say due to heat build-up from the scale lamp) it is possible to stick a photocopied/scanned paper scale over the original glass to make the set look better, and some restorers are apt to do this. You can see by the level of dust in the example pictured that this set has not been worked on for decades, and hence is all original. Valve line-up is TH233, VP133, HL133DD, PEN383, U403.

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