Murphy Radio Model B818 From 1965

So now we come to the Murphy B818, B831 and B837. There were no new transistor radios introduced in 1964, as Murphy had continued to market the models first seen in 1963.  1965 saw the introduction of three new models, the first of which is shown below.  The three models seem to follow a corporate theme, all using the same rather regal navy blue rexine material to a lesser or greater degree on the cabinet.  All models incorporated an innovative method of removing the base to facilitate easy change of batteries.  Simply twisting the feet by a eighth of a turn allowed the base to be removed, the picture below left perhaps makes this clearer (and provides an excuse to include another picture of that wonderful chrome!)

At the bottom of the range was the B818, but it is a classic.  This is a very good looking radio which incorporates a lot of chrome plating within its cabinet.  It is perhaps surprising that the radio at the bottom of the range was the only one to feature a significant use of chrome (presumably having lost its highly fashionable status seen a decade or two earlier in the 1930's).  The fact that Murphy is now part of the Rank Group is also obvious, as the model also appeared as the TR130 made by Bush at the same time.  The rexine of the Bush version was available in all sorts of  (garish?) colours, including yellow and green.  To my mind the restrained navy blue looks rather elegant.  Suitable for either MW or LW use, the upper part of the MW band was bandspread onto a separate scale. It included 7 transistors and one crystal diode. The radio cost 15.15.0.  (incl pt.)  The design of this cabinet is so enduring, it has recently been re-released as a "Retro" style radio by Bush, using a similar cabinet but with modern circuitry. (Thereby proving Chrome-plated styling never goes out of fashion for long!) Transistor line-up AF117 x 3, OC71, OC81D, OC81 x 2.

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