Murphy Radio Model A76 From 1939

Shown above is the Murphy A76, the special short wave performance model for 1939. As can be seen, this model has been fitted with the optional remote pushbutton control that fitted between the wide “feet” at either end of the cabinet. This was the model to replace the A52 special short wave model from a year earlier, but to my mind it is not as good. The main difference between the A74 and the A52 from a year earlier is that the 1939 model is not a double superhet. All communication and short wave receivers of reasonable quality tend to incorporate this technology due to the difference it makes in reducing interference on already weak station reception. Also gone from the 1939 model is the motorised tuning, and a couple of valves. The principles of the tuning scale is similar to that of the year before, with a vertical slide-rule type cursor for the main LW, MW and SW bands, and a separate logging scale with its own cursor to the left hand side for accurate recording of station positions. An extra tuning knob is also provided, presumably by then it had already become apparent that the mechanics required to utilise the same knob to drive both scales were difficult to keep accurate and reliable.

The picture above below left shows the remote control unit. Six stations are selectable remotely, and the volume level can also be changed by means of the knob at the middle of the remote towards the back. To use the remote control the unit is gently pulled from is resting position in the cabinet, and once finished a small lever which can be seen in the image is moved sideways which assists in retraction of the ribbon cable into the cabinet. The image below right shows a close-up view of the remote control. Valve line-up is SP41, TH41, VP41, HL42DD, ME41, PEN45, UU6. 

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