Murphy Radio Model A46 From 1938

Later in this sequence top of the 1938 table receiver range Murphy model A52 is described, but you could buy an A46 Murphy for almost half the price. In fact the Murphy A46 and A48 receivers were of a fairly similar circuit design, both using five valves. The main difference was the method the user utilised to tune in a station. The A46 featured a conventional scale with normal travelling cursor, whereas the A48 used Murphy’s method of alphabetical tuning first seen in 1936. Both cabinets were designed by R.D.Russell, though the A46 also had some input from Eden Minns, who would later design the distinctive AD94 bakelite set. The A46 is often said to be inspired somewhat by the “Arts and Crafts” style, and in spite of being at the bottom of the Murphy range in 1938 is today quite sought after. The example above is as yet unrestored, and it can be seen that the speaker cloth has a major tear, as well as some kind of sticker to the left of the cloth. In the chassis view of the set you can see that I am prepared for the restoration, as I have a spare speaker board with good cloth ready. This was obtained from a scrapped set many years ago - it is always worth storing suitable spares for future use when the opportunity arises. Valve line-up is AC/TH1, AC/VP2, HL41DD, AC5/PEN, UU6.

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