Murphy Radio Model A26 From 1935

The“26” range of receivers was introduced in 1935 including the A26 AC superhet set, D26 DC/AC superhet and battery set B25. It can be noted that the D26 was a Universal set for the first time, unlike previous models where the DC version of a set would not work on AC. Also new was the fact that the purchase price of different versions of the set also varied. Again designed by R.D. Russell, the receiver styling could be said to be somewhat less contentious than the A24 from the previous year. It can be noted that the tuning escutcheon was still a small bakelite window through which a disc with wavelength numbers could be observed. Murphy insisted this was appropriate since the station wavelengths were still subject to change and therefore the dial could become inaccurate within a short time. This was true to a degree but did have the effect of making the set look old fashioned when compared to the likes of Ekco for example. The set was supplied with a small book that listed stations alphabetically and gave the associated wavelength to enable the station to be tuned in, and also a list of stations in order of wavelength together with the transmitter output power so that an unknown station being received could be identified. The book is shown to the side of the receiver pictured above, though is normally invariably missing. This was the first year Murphy used a pressed card for the back, no longer fitting the wooden backs that had been supplied with earlier models. It still however featured a metal plate with model and serial numbers etc riveted to the back. The pictured set is currently awaiting replacement of the torn speaker cloth. The A26 cost £11.0.0 and featured valves AC/TP, AC/VP1, V914, AC2/PEN, U12.

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