Murphy Radio Model A24C From 1934

For an additional £2.10.0 the A24 could be purchased in console form, though the cabinet is still rather stark. R.D. Russell would appear to have become enthused by exotic woods in 1934. Having utilised the expensive Birdseye maple for a large section of the front of the A24 table model cabinet, he specified the equally rare and desirable macassar veneer seen in the upper area of the front of the A24C shown below. The remainder of the cabinet is a somewhat plainer walnut veneer relieved by a blond slip wood emphasising the outline of the speaker cloth. A rather nice veneered back panel was included similar to that of the A24 (see picture below), but it served to protect only the chassis components in the upper half of the cabinet. Like the A24 table model valve line-up is AC/TP, AC/VP1, AC/HLDD, AC2/PEN, U12, though a rather more substantial loudspeaker is fitted with better magnet and windings.

The dealers’ magazine “Murphy News” suggested twelve ways to increase sales of receivers, particularly during the quiet summer season. The suggested methods were really quite inventive, for example method 3 suggested: “Advertise a second-hand Murphy in the local “small-ads” or similar medium. One dealer recently did this, although he hadn’t a second hand Murphy in the place! But he got shoals of enquiries and from these, by intelligent follow-up work he got several good sales – and all to people who were so disappointed at not getting the second-hand Murphy that they were easily persuaded to have a new one!” The quirky advertising theme continued, with some National advertisements for the set opening with the fact that Mrs Murphy had won first prize for her new potatoes in the Welwyn Horticultural Show!

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