Murphy Radio Model A212 From 1954

The table model A212 was introduced in 1954. As this set uses the same chassis as the A182 from 1952 Murphy must have thought their products could no longer be improved upon! Of course the more realistic reason is that if there is no research and development cost incurred, the unit price of a receiver can be lower (or the unit profit higher). It was perhaps also the case that the company designers were working on the new VHF sets ready for their introduction in 1955.  

The A212 is pictured above but there is nothing particularly notable about it. Valve line-up is 6C9, 6F15, 6LD20, 6P25, Metal Rectifier. The metal rectifier may be seen in the close-up view below left. The concept of using a metal rectifier rather than rectifying valve was not particularly successful, and did not appear again after the ‘182 and ‘212 series, (except in portables). The photograph of the inside of the set gives the impression that access for servicing is very good, as the back cover extends to the underside of the receiver. However this is not really the case, as the discrete components like resistors and capacitors are not available to the serviceman as they are still “under” the chassis facing the tuning scale.  

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