Murphy Radio Model A168M From 1951

Updated versions of the A168 and U168, now gaining the M suffix, were also included in the range. The M generally meant modified. (The first time Murphy introduced an updated version of a receiver it was the A3 of 1932, where the later version became the A3A).

In the case of the '168 series the main modifications were the provision of a frame aerial rendering an external aerial unnecessary if only local (ie strong) stations were listened to. This would be likely to be the case had a purchaser bought this set, because being at the lower end of the price range it would have been unsuitable for long range listening anyway. The copper wire that forms the frame aerial may just be seen wound around a former on the back in the picture below leftt. Also added to the A168M is an I.F. rejector coil mounted between the Aerial and Earth sockets on the chassis. It can be noted that the back cover also folds underneath the set instead of a wooden floor to the cabinet. This speeded up service times as virtually all components are easily accessible and full realignment is possible without removing the chassis from the cabinet. Valve line-up is 6C9, 5F16, 6LD20, 6P25, UU9.

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