Murphy Radio 1948 Model Range

Full model range available from 1948 included A100F, A124, U124, A128, U128.

A further receiver utilising the baffle board principle was released in 1948.  This time designated the A124 the set retained the same acoustic principles as the A104 and A122 seen the previous two years.  A new shortwave special receiver was also introduced, the A128.  Like the TA92 seen earlier this also used pushbuttons to select each of the bandspread shortwave bands.  Costing more than £40 including purchase tax, this was an expensive receiver.  It is to my mind also the most hideous looking receiver Murphy produced.  They are not seen often these days, though whether that’s due to its looks or the price is unclear.  You’d need to be pretty keen on shortwave listening to tolerate this in your home.  Together with a revised version of the earlier A100 portable, these were the only Murphy receivers introduced in 1948. 

Full range available from 1948

A100F AC Superhet Portable Set £15.7.9 Fig 1
A124 AC Superhet Table Set £20.3.4 Fig 2
U124 AC/DC Superhet Table Set £20.12.6 Fig 2
A128 AC Superhet Table Set Special SW Performance £41.6.8 Fig 3
U128 AC/DC Superhet Table Set Special SW Performance  £41.6.8 Fig 3

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