Murphy Radio 1940 Range

Full Murphy range introduced from 1940 included B93, B89, B91, A90, D90, A92, A90C, A90RG, D90RG, AD94.

The war in Europe had now been underway for many months, and it had become obvious that the conflict would last years rather than months.  This was reflected in the Murphy range for 1940.  Whereas 1939 saw many models and combinations of receivers at prices ranging between £9 and £90, the range in 1940 had far fewer models (however models from the pre-war range remained available on occasion, but supply was limited and uncertain).  Wartime shortages and the need to divert resources to the war effort had caused a marked drop in cabinet quality, the first in the Murphy Company history.  Considering the situation though the build quality of the chassisís still remains high.  

 Full range introduced from 1940 

B93 Battery Superhet Portable £10.0.0 Fig 1
B89 Battery Superhet Table Set £7.15.0  Fig 2
B91 Battery Superhet Table Set Special SW £14.10.0 Fig 3
A90 AC Superhet Table Set £11.0.0  Fig 4
D90 DC/AC Superhet Table Set £11.10.0 Fig 4
A92 AC Superhet Table Set Special SW Performance  £15.15.0 Fig 5
A90C AC Superhet Console £18.0.0 Fig 6
A90RG AC Superhet Radiogram £26.0.0 Fig 7
D90RG DC/AC Superhet Radiogram  £27.10.0 Fig 7
AD94 AC/DC Superhet Table Set £9.10.0 Fig 8

Purchase tax became payable in October 1940, and was charged at 33 1/3 of the wholesale cost of the receiver. All the above receivers were subject to increase in price during the course of the war.


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