Mullard continued, the MAS8

The receiver shown is the Mullard MAS8 and the chassis from this set was also used in the Philips model 787AX. This set is the last of the "Magicontrol" series of receivers (known as "Monoknob" for the Philips sets). 

The leaflet shown lists this set as a radio for the connoisseur, and it would be hard to disagree. As can be seen the tuning scale is hinged, and can be folded away when the receiver is not in use. 

I've also included an under chassis picture of this set,  You can just see all those old black Philips capacitors still there.  These are notoriously unreliable, and many collectors replace them all on sight as a matter of course.  Not me, this set works perfectly, no distortion at all, and not a single new capacitor is evident with the exception of the mains smoothing electrolytics.  The secret?  Could it be because the set is switched on every so often, and it keeps the capacitors in good shape?  I've mentioned this on other pages so I'll say no more. Valve line-up is VP4B, TDD4, FC4, DW2, PEN4DD, TV4.



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