Mullard continued, the MAS24

Next in the Mullard section is the MAS24. I'll quote the first line or two of Mullard's own description of the receiver from their promotional leaflet: "MAS24 - De-Luxe Pressbutton model, a magnificent 5-valve all-wave luxury receiver". So perhaps the radio should be considered in the context of Mullard's opinion of their deluxe, magnificent luxury receiver! 

The radio is pictured above, and that cabinet really is very pleasing. Notice the birch veneer inlay band that travels around the front and top of the receiver, its incredibly elegant. Take a look also at the central bar across the speaker fabric. Notice that although less than 1" wide, four pieces of veneer run the length of the bar. The same pattern is also inlaid into the small piece on the right hand side of the tuning scale. This piece is only about 2"x1", and performs no function at all since there isn't even a speaker to protect, and yet it is inlaid with four pieces of veneer on the front, plus veneer to the top. Remember this isn't a piece of high quality antique furniture being discussed here, but a radio receiver from 1938. Just describing that element of the radio puts Mullard's leaflet claims into a different light - now words like deluxe and luxury don't seem quite so over the top.

The Mullard leaflet from 1938 described 15 numbered features on the last page as a look-up table, and throughout the leaflet the text description of each model listed which of the features were present. The cheapest model in the range had 2 of the 15 features. The MAS24 unsurprisingly incorporated all 15. The picture upper right shows the original instruction card.

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