Marconi P60B

Following on from the P20B compact portable of the previous page, here is the another compact portable from a few years later, this time even smaller and lighter.  The notable point about this radio is that it is a hybrid - that is to say it contains both valves and transistors.  This radio is from around 1957, when transistors were just becoming available and suitable for domestic radio use.  However transistors were not fully developed or available, so only the output stage of this radio uses transistors, in this case a pair of OC72's in push-pull configuration.  The remaining functions still require the use of valves.  This results in a reduced size of receiver and a reduced power consumption. The radio measures just 7 3/8 x 5 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches (not including protruding dial and with pop-op handle closed) [19 x 14 x 6cm].  

The power requirement is three 1.5v U11 cells in a cardboard tube to make 4.5v for the LT, and a B139 67.5v battery for the HT.  There is an edgewheel roller for on/off volume, a slider to select either MW or LW, and the large dial for tuning.  This model also appeared as an HMV variant in a bluish-grey shell.  Like the P20B on the previous page, by coincidence I also have the box for this radio too, which has perhaps helped to protect it from any damage to the plastic fins moulded the height of the cabinet both front and rear which traverse around to the sides.  Valve/Transistor line-up is DK96, DF96, DAF96, OC72, OC72. (Before the availability of the transistors the output stage was likely to have been taken care of by a DL96 valve).


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