H.M.V. 439

Pictured above is the model 439, released in 1933.  This utilises the same chassis as the much more common 438 (of which there were also Marconiphone branded derivatives).  The model 439 incorporates a clock, which is cleverly situated in the space created between the cone of the loudspeaker and the grille cloth.  The clock is a simple movement, and there is no switching circuitry which could switch the radio on and off, as was to appear after WWII. The are no numbers to indicate the time, just simple antiqued bronze diamonds on dual rails which follow the square opening of the loudspeaker aperture.  This is of strongly geometric style and redolent of the Art Deco era, complementing the other block veneers and apertures for the separate medium and long wave dials, resulting in a strongly square geometric cabinet without curves anywhere  The hexagonal knobs ensure that that even they do not lend any round curves to spoil the effect. The individual tuning scales are marked in wavelengths only. Valves utilised are MS4B, VMS4, MH4, MPT4, U12, surprising it looks as though the set above may still be running on its original rectifier and output valves, which are often the valve most likely to have been changed. (The balloon shaped valves having changed so a somewhat less impressive shape later in the decade).

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