G.E.C.  Superhet 5


Shown above is the "Superhet 5" from 1933, also known as BC3440. Before WWII all G.E.C receivers were allocated a BCxxxx" model number, and were also allocated a further model designation in the form of a précis description. This will become apparent as you progress through the G.E.C. pages, and when no suitable "word" designation appears to present itself G.E.C allocates a simpler "ACxx" code, with xx generally representing the year of manufacture. 

From the pictures you can see that this receiver is particularly remarkable in that it still remains its original transit box (yes the serial numbers printed on the box and receiver do tie up). It even has the paper labels that fitted over the control knobs when the receiver was first supplied. (Picture above) It must be remembered that even in 1934 for many people a radio was still a modern "new fangled" device, and whilst the knob functions seem obvious here in the 21st Century, back then people often became confused when confronted with so many (!) controls. After the owner had learnt the function of the controls the paper labels could be ripped off and discarded. It is amazing that they are still present on the example shown. 

So the receiver itself as the model number suggests is a 4 valve plus rectifier superhet, with pleasant fretwork speaker grille and antiqued brass tuning surround. The tone control is mounted right in the centre of the speaker affixed to the central fretwork. This is a slightly unexpected position for a control, and it added to construction costs but produced no real advantage to the receiver operation. Shown above is the speaker cut-off control for the receiver, which was a push/pull switch mounted at the back of the set. Under the chassis some ten capacitors have been mounted in a single waxed container with wires leading out from the casing to the appropriate connections to the valve bases etc. Valve line-up was MS4B, VMS4, MS4B, MPT4, U12.

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