Ekco Radio Continued, Model AW108 cabinet

Unusually for this site I've included a couple of pictures purely of sections of the cabinet veneer.  The picture top left shows the receiver viewed from the site, showing the beautifully executed curves.  The picture top right shows the depth of grain in the Walnut finish.  The mirrored sections along the top of the cabinet may be clearly seen.  The Ekco spare parts list indicates that a replacement cabinet cost the dealer a shilling short of three pounds, alone more than an average weeks wages!

This is one of my favourite radios in my collection, and it was often on in the background whilst pages for this website were being prepared. As MW in the U.K. now has a preponderance of ďtalkĒ stations these days it can be hard to find something relaxing, unobtrusive and entertaining to listen too. It is the Ekco AW108ís exceptional performance that solves this problem, because it pulls in foreign station free of interference, and can play for hours on end without drifting or needing re-tuning. Like most of my collection the receiver has not had a general capacitor renewal, only those components that have failed in its lifetime have been replaced. When I obtained the receiver (more than 20 years ago) the original smoothing electrolytics had all been changed, and about a year ago I again changed the failing replacements with another set, (though my replacement set were still 1960ís components, rather than modern RS components I generally use). Iíve only changed one other Huntís capacitor during the time Iíve owned the set, and it works perfectly.†

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