Defiant Radio Model MSH938 continued

Defiant were clearly proud of the sound output from their speaker, describing it thus: "The chassis is allied to a 10" mains energised auditorium electro-dynamic speaker of tremendous power reserve". The brochure continues: "This exceptionally fine cabinet incorporates a special tone chamber which makes possible real high fidelity reproduction and splendid tonal balance". I'm not so sure of this, it is not obvious what this special tonal chamber consists of, since the speaker is simply located at one end of the cabinet, and there does not appear to be any wadding or other method of improving sound quality. That said, the speaker end of the cabinet does have its own card back, but I think that is more to do with the sheer size of the receiver rather than acoustic considerations. 

I've included a picture (below) of the receiver with the backs in place, this must be one of very few U.K. table receivers with two card backs, (another is the Goblin Timespot) presumably because the size would have meant a single back would not have retained the required rigidity. The cabinet is unquestionably impressive, often described as "Odeonesque". That is an apt description, and with the speaker mounted at an angle and protective bars disappearing round the side of the cabinet it is of very redolent of the Art Deco period. However, it perhaps looks more impressive than it in fact is. The cabinet thickness is not as great as that of some other quality receivers, say for instance RGD or the high end models from EMI. A close-up of the distinctive Defiant brand logo can be seen below right. The set was comparatively rather expensive for an own-brand receiver, costing 18.18.0, which was even more than the first class Murphy A52. Valve line up is AC/VP2, AC/TH1, AC/VP2, HLDD41, AC4/PEN, ME41, AC/SP1, DD41, UU4. 

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