Bush Radio Model DAC10

Shown above is the DAC10, which uses a very similar circuit and chassis to the DAC90A but with the added luxury of pushbuttons. The set works on AC or DC and uses 4 valves plus rectifier. This model is almost as collectable as the DAC90/A discussed on the previous page. Particularly striking are the ribs that go around the cabinet and form the speaker grille. The ribs were also used famously in the TV12/TV22 bakelite televisions from the same period, itself now a desirable television. Like the DAC90/A minor production differences appeared during the life of the model. For instance the tuning scale and pushbutton surround can be either cream or white, and is extremely vulnerable to impact damage, causing cracking around the pushbuttons where the plastic is thinner. The pushbuttons are sometimes brown, and sometimes mottled “tortoiseshell”. Two of the pushbuttons were used for wavelength selection (MW or LW), with the remaining three pushbuttons used for MW station selection. In later models one of the three MW station selection buttons was used for the “Light” program on long wave. The pushbuttons are tuned with pots at the base of the set, that can be accessed once the bakelite back and a small piece of pressed card is removed. 

Shown below are the tuning adjustment pots, and to make it easy to retune a pre-set, small metal plates marked with the wavelength give a guide to the desired station position depending on the physical position of the pot shaft. Like the DAC90/A, perhaps one reason the set is considered desirable is that the marbling or mottling of the bakelite is very pronounced, and so looks very pleasing to the eye. A specially designed loudspeaker was used in the set, with the magnet inverted inside of the cone such that the speaker is very slim. Therefore if the speaker fails a speaker from a different scrapped set cannot generally be used. The bakelite moulding incorporates a recess centrally behind the tuning scale so that the set may be picked up with one hand and moved with ease. Valve line-up is UCH42, UF41, UBC41, UL41, UY41, the receiver cost £14.16.0 subsequently reduced to £13.9.8, both plus p.t.

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