Murphy Radio Model TA160 From 1950

Shown (pictures coming soon) is the Murphy TA160 receiver. This is a very large receiver at just over 60cm wide, and very well specified. It was also expensive at about £40. As has been discussed previously the “T” designates a Tropicalised receiver, usually intended for export. There seem to be a slightly more TA160’s remaining in the U.K. than most of Murphy’s other Tropicalised models, suggesting that quite a few were purchased by U.K. buyers seeking a top quality receiver. Unlike many Murphy receivers, the TA160 is in fact very attractive, with a solidly constructed walnut veneered cabinet with relief of birch veneer in the controls area. Vertical columns of pushbuttons select the waveband, and bandspreading is available for all SW ranges. The tuning scale is large and clear, and very brightly backlit, not entirely surprising, as two 15w pygmy lamps are engaged to provide scale illumination. (When I first obtained my example I was surprised at the very high power requirement as stated on the rear, until I noticed that 30w was spent just lighting the scale!). A magic eye is provided. On the rear panel is a further control for adjusting the receiver’s response depending on whether strong or weak signals are available. Output is via a pair of push-pull 6P25’s (equivalent to Mullard EL33) which provides ample volume. Unfortunately the very large tuning scale means that a partial quadrant of the loudspeaker is directing sound into the rear of the scale. Valve line-up is 10P1, 10C1, 6P15, 6LD20, 6LD20, 6M1, 6P25, 6P26, UU6.  

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