Murphy Radio Model A170 From 1950

A further new range was introduced for 1950, though few significant new developments were included, merely updated versions of previous tried and tested products. A further baffle set was included, the A168. Also introduced was the A170 at the deluxe end of the table set range. Both these sets seem to have been marketed using the baffle qualities as a selling point, though to my mind they have both departed from the original concept of the baffle as seen in the A104 from 1946. Indeed, one could argue that the cabinets have got narrower simply because of developments in valve technology resulting in reduced requirements for power, space and heat dissipation. The magic eye has returned on the A170, the first time since before the war where all quality receivers felt obliged to provide the feature. The A170 was the first Murphy mains set with a wooden cabinet to incorporate a plastic speaker grille. This squared design was also used by Ekco in the early 1950ís. Murphy must have been unimpressed by the product as it was only used on the A170 table set, and the A188C console and BU183 portable over the next two years. This receiver was manufactured in both Welwyn Garden City and the new factory in Dublin. A radiogram version was also available (the 170R), this model was only manufactured in Dublin. Valve line up was 6C9, 6F15, 6LD20, 6P25, 6M1, UU9.

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